Synergy America was founded in 2000 by Oliver L. Clarke, CEM, who has over 20 years of mid to upper level management experience in plant engineering, utilities operations, energy management, and world class maintenance at two massive manufacturing plants.Oliver is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has completed post graduate education in business administration, finance, risk management, business law, Total Quality Management (TQM), predictive maintenance, and innumerable energy subjects.He knows the ugly realities of manufacturing, the demanding expectations, and the conscience of manufacturing clients because heís lived there, holding the line 24/7 for their same concerns.This common experience helps to establish the strong relationships and trust at the project site which is essential to developing optimum results based on all the relevant and reliable information.

Synergy provides innovative energy engineering consulting services for our manufacturing clients and the leading energy service companies in their development of opportunities for their manufacturing clients.Core capabilities include steam, heat recovery, compressed air, refrigeration, and related operations & maintenance.Some recent examples include:

         Heat recovery at a food processing plant which reduced process energy needs by over 50% and increased product output by reducing heat up batch cycle times.The need to replace one of the plants large boilers was eliminated.†††

         Projects totaling $2.3M at a DOD maintenance base to optimize the steam and compressed air systems.The compressed air system will provide process hot water via waste heat recovery from cooling the compressors, after coolers, and dryers.Natural gas use will be reduced by over 60% while several utilities problems affecting plant productivity will be resolved.

         A $1,770,700 project for a textiles client to replace a 70 year old steam plant which incorporated process heat recovery to sharply reduced capital cost for boiler equipment and cut energy and operating costs by $530,000 (over 70%).†††

         A $3,400,000 steam system optimization project at a large metal fabricating plant, reducing related natural gas usage by 1/3 yielding annual savings of over $950,000.†††

Specific industry experience includes:

  • Food processing Ė fruit juices, frozen food, soup, baked goods, vegetables, poultry, tomato paste, assorted condiments, pet food
  • Textiles
  • DoD owned military equipment overhaul bases
  • Small and medium caliber ammunition
  • OEM parts manufacturers for automotive, truck and aircraft industries


  • Energy Productivity plant assessment
  • Energy project definition and analysis
  • Schematic design development
  • Design development
  • Project management
  • Maintenance plans
  • M & V strategies

Synergy is a small company with long established experience with many energy service companies and other engineering firms.While we have an extensive network with equipment manufacturers, we have no financial incentive or affiliation with them so that we may maintain our objectivity in developing our clientís best interests.We donít have a marketing staff, lawyers, accountants, and other overhead to support.Our costs are generally much lower than the larger firms.


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